Special Effect & Theatrical Lenses

Providing Full-Custom Contact Lens Designs

Adventure In Colors in Golden, Colorado offers custom design lenses for various special effects and theatrical applications. For the ultimate fan, we can hand-paint any symbol or team logo on a contact lens. Call for more information.

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These are some examples of special effect and theatrical lenses Adventure In Colors has created in the past. Your imagination is the only limit to what we can do.

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Star Wars
Darth Maul

Fire eye

Fire Eye

Nine ball

Nine Ball

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Green Witch

An Industry Standard

Our custom-designed lenses have been widely used in the entertainment industry for many varied purposes. Some characters simply require an iris color change, others have used our sun lenses for outdoor work in order to decrease glare, and many others have created their own specialty designs that we have hand-painted for specific character needs. We have provided contact lens designs for television shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, movies such as The Doors and the Indiana Jones series, and for many models, musical performers, and professional athletes.

Contact lens
Different eyes
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