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Photography Instructions

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The photographs that you provide to our technicians is the single most important element of our hand-painted lens process. Therefore, it is crucial that we obtain clear, properly lighted and well-exposed photographic images of BOTH of the patient's eyes, for example:
The better the photographic image, the better color match our technicians can perform. Please follow these guidelines to ensure good quality images:

* Capture three photographs of each patient. One photograph of each eye and one of both eyes together--nose to forehead.

* Position the camera lens directly in front of the patient's face and at their eye level. Avoid shooting up or down on the patient.

* Capture the photographs outdoors in natural light. Do not use a flash or photograph in fluorescent lighting.

Digital Photography

* Images should be about 2000 x 1000 pixels (i.e., approximately 1 MB). Larger images are not necessarily better.

35mm Photography

* Use Kodak Gold 100 or FUJICOLOR 100 color negative film.

* Do not process the film. Return the exposed/unprocessed film to Adventure in Colors for processing.

If you are not able to capture adequate photographic images, contact a professional ophthalmic or medical photographer. These photographers are equipped with cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment that guarantee excellent results. Most major hospitals can provide the names of photographers in your area.