ZELTZER X-CHROM™ Soft Contact Lens

Offering an Original and Patented Contact Lens Design

The ZELTZER X-CHROM™ lens is a monocular soft contact lens that, when fitted to the non-dominant eye, significantly enhances color perception for those with a red-green color deficiency. Persons with red-green color deficiency have difficulty identifying colors, making color comparisons, and recognizing objects of certain colors against their background. The lens, when fitted monocular to the non-dominant eye, improves all three tasks by introducing additional shades to the retina. The lense is only available PLANO only, no prescription, and will fit the pupil without compromising the color of the eye or visual acuity.

* For ZELTZER X-CHROM™ lenses, 6 mm is the standard diameter. Other pupil diameters available.