Enhancement & Sport Tints

Providing Custom Color-Enhanced Contact Lenses

Adventure In Colors in Golden, Colorado offers color-enhanced tinting for previously prescribed soft contact lenses. These lenses are for enhancing and/or altering the apparent eye color. They are designed to either enhance the natural eye color or to subtly alter the apparent color of the eye. Because they transmit the color of the patient’s eye, they look extremely natural.

Color-Enhanced Tint Specifications

We can tint most brands of soft contact lenses between 45% and 60% water content. Anything from spheres, torics, or bifocals.

  • All colors are available in solid color or clear center, in varying densities.
  • Standard diameter of iris tint is 11.5mm.
  • Standard diameter of clear center is 4.5mm.
  • Standard diameter of black pupil is 4m.
  • Any other diameters of iris, clear center, and black pupils are readily available.
Snow Sports Browns, coppers, and ambers.
Oranges and red also work well.
Water Sports Dark grey is the best for fishing.
Ambers, browns, and yellows are most effective in low light conditions.
Cycling and Skating Browns and coppers. Yellow is the most effective in low light conditions.
Shooting Sports Yellows and ambers are useful for providing more contrast and lighting up the view.
Golf Amber
Tennis Blues or aquas
Dark rusty red in a glass

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